Supreme Russel Rabbit Tasty Bites 4kg 4000g by Supreme

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Introducing: Supreme Russel Rabbit Tasty Bites 4kg 4000g by Supreme

Available now from Supreme, the well known brand, this product is great value for money. The Supreme Russel Rabbit Tasty Bites 4kg 4000g is offered for shoppers to order online at our fantastic price.

Order this product from Supreme right now and receive prompt, reliable shipping straight to your delivery address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

If you're looking for a quality all-in-one diet that prevents your rabbits from selectively feeding, then Russel's Tasty Bites is sure to offer what you're looking for!

With a new look for Russel Rabbit that celebrates 20-years of Russel, Gerty and their famous furry friends, Tasty Bites offers a yummy pellet-style diet at an affordable price.

It combats selective feeding, is tailored to the specific nutritional needs of rabbits and is rich in fibre ÔÇö essential to keep your rabbit healthy. Compact packs offer you the convenience of up to 28 days food in a 2kg pack, with 4kg bags also available.

Russel's Tasty Bites are small, easy to digest pellets that are rich in natural ingredients with zero added sugar. Have you checked the label on your pets' food lately? Make sure you take a look, because many rabbit foods contain molasses or even syrup or other sugary ingredients. This extra sugar in a rabbit's diet can lead to overeating and obesity. It can also lead to dental problems too.

Feeding Tasty Bites for the first time?

If you are feeding Tasty Bites to your rabbits for the first time, make sure you change from one food to another, gradually over 10-14 days. At first, you should mix a small amount of Tasty Bites with your rabbits' current food, slowly decreasing the old diet, whilst gradually increasing the quantity of Tasty Bites. A sudden change in diet can cause digestive upsets ÔÇö even when you are changing to a better quality diet ÔÇö so take care!

If your rabbits are used to a sugary diet, you may find it takes them a while to change, but persevere as it will help to benefit your rabbits' health in the long term.

And don't forget fresh hay and water! Your rabbits should have an unlimited supply of both at all times.


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