Rabbit Hutch With Run In The Basement Made Of Fir Wood With A Tar Roof 1240x670x1210mm from WilTec


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Introducing: Rabbit Hutch With Run In The Basement Made Of Fir Wood With A Tar Roof 1240x670x1210mm by WilTec

Made by WilTec, a popular manufacturer, this product is amazing value for money. The Rabbit Hutch With Run In The Basement Made Of Fir Wood With A Tar Roof 1240x670x1210mm is on offer for everyone to purchase at Rabbithutch.org.uk at our competitive price.

Buy this product from WilTec right away and get fast, reliable delivery direct to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Little pets just like hares or rabbits belong to the highly appreciated animals not only for kids. They are easy to care for, uncomplicated and make their owners happy. So therefore it is normal that the owner of a rabbit attaches importance to the well-being of the animal. In this respect, a suitable hutch has an essential meaning.

In order to ensure the animalĀ“s welfare as well as to meet the animalĀ“s needs it is recommended to use a combination of hutch and open enclosure is recommended. Here, the animal can decide itself when to stay inside or move to the open enclosure. The hutch means the perfect retreat during rain periods.

We recommend a weather-proof hutch made of spruce wood with two floors. The upper floor offers a cosy and safe shelter, the lower floor offers a spacious open enclosure to the effect that the animal can feel the natural ground.

This model has the dimensions of: 124,9 cm x 67 cm x 117,6 cm. It has been environmentally-friendly varnished and has some very special functions. Apart from the spacious open enclosure the animal has an easy access to the shelter via a slip-proof covered slant to feel safe and cosy.
The bitumen-coated roof ensures for protection against moisture and cold; the hutch as well as the open enclosure have doors for a convenient feeding, petting or cleaning.
The open walls have a coarse meshed wire and are open to the light.

The rabbit hutch can be easily mounted according to the assembly instructions by using a screwdriver.



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