Rabbit Hutch Conny 140x65x120 Cm Wooden Bunny Hutch And Run Guinea Pig by Timbo


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Introducing: Rabbit Hutch Conny 140x65x120 Cm Wooden Bunny Hutch And Run Guinea Pig from Timbo

Produced by Timbo, a long established manufacturer, this product is fantastic value for money. Rabbit Hutch Conny 140x65x120 Cm Wooden Bunny Hutch And Run Guinea Pig is now offered for you to buy on-line at our low price.

Choose this product from Timbo today and receive speedy, reliable delivery directly to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

The animal house CONNY is made of solid fir wood. Thanks to an indoor and outdoor area, it offers enough space for your small animal. The hutch is weatherproof and therefore can be used outdoors throughout the whole year.

* Bulding a home *
The hutch has a closed room and a roofed outdoor area which is completely enclosed with a wire fence. The two areas are conected with a ramp. This allows the animal to move easily within its hutch. Furthermore, the house is a retreat against any weather condition.

* Practical use *
The hutch has a solid construction with mortise joints. Additionally, wooden beams allow an easy installation. Two doors facilitate the access to the hutch and make it possible to take the animals out whenever necessary. A cleaning sheet, which serves as a toilet, is put underneath the hutch. If need be, this sheet can be taken out and cleaned easily. Therefore, cleaning measures taking lots of time aren't required anymore.

* Protection for your small animal *
The pointed roof is covered with a water-repellent bituminous felt which offers additional protection against cold and moisture. Therefore, the house is the perfect place for your animal both in winter and summer. The fence of the outdoor enclosure has a very small mesh size which avoids the animals' entanglement. The hutch has an environmentally friendly paint and the wood for the production comes from ecologically sustainable forestry.

* Benefits *
✔ Weatherproof
✔ Indoor and outdoor area for your small animal
✔ Qualitative and durable
✔ Known and proven TIMBO quality



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