Rabbit Hutches : A Buyer's Guide

A rabbit hutch is a convenient way of providing adequate living space for your pet rabbit, while simplifying both cleaning up after it and catering to its needs for yourself. Whether you are getting a rabbit hutch for the first time, or simply are upgrading or replacing your rabbit’s existing accommodation, there are a few things to look for in rabbit hutches that you had better keep in mind as you browse the market. Read on for a list of what these are so as to ensure that you make a good purchase.

The most important factor to take into account when you buy a rabbit hutch is the size of it. Seeing as how the hutch should be large enough to accommodate the rabbit in terms of its food, water, toilet and play and exercise needs, it should at the very least be four times the rabbit’s own length. However larger is better, as you should ideally be able to keep a few toys in there. That being said, take into account how much and how often the rabbit will be confined to its home. If you intend to keep it there in the long-term, it is recommendable that you buy a bigger rabbit hutch, whereas if you only ever keep it in there overnight, you could make do with a smaller kind.

Next, pay attention to how many openings there are to the rabbit hutch, as well as how much they open. The more the better is the general rule here, as it will be easier to clean the rabbit hutch that way. On a similar note, while wooden hutches are by far the most durable, look for ones with bottoms of woven wire with removable trays underneath. That way the rabbit’s excrement may easily and conveniently be washed away on a daily basis. Just note that at least a part of the rabbit hutch’s interior should not consist of woven wire, so as to spare the rabbit’s feet. Finally consider the rabbit’s need for safety. To provide for the rabbit in this sense, a part of the hutch should be enclosed space in which the rabbit may hide or sleep. If there are other animals in the near vicinity, it is moreover a good idea to buy either a hutch that may be placed off the ground, or one with multiple levels by which the rabbits may get away from a perceived treat on its own.

Rabbit hutches that fulfil the above criteria are worthy purchases, whereas any that do not are essentially just a waste of your cash. For that reason, inspect any rabbit hunch you are thinking about purchasing thoroughly before you make up your mind.