Rabbit Guinea Pig Starter Kit Deluxe from Home and Roost

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Introducing: Rabbit Guinea Pig Starter Kit Deluxe from Home and Roost

Made to a high specification by Home and Roost, the reputable brand, this item is now amazing value for money. The Rabbit Guinea Pig Starter Kit Deluxe is now offered for our customers to purchase at the Rabbit Hutch shop at our fantastic price.

Purchase this item from Home and Roost right away and get speedy, dependable delivery straight to your chosen delivery address.

Manufacturer Description

Introducing the Home & Roost Starter Kit, this little beauty is literally crammed full of everything you and your small pet need. We've taken the hard work out of choosing which products you think might be right and put together a winning combination of food, fun and function. We started with a healthy supply of Burgess Excell Tasty Nuggets, the Burgess range is one of our bestsellers and is a great complementary food for small pets. If you have a Junior Rabbit or Guinea Pig don't worry! just change the food type in the drop down menu on the side. We have also included a must for any herbivore, top quality Hay! Small pets like Rabbits and Guinea Pigs need fibre in their diet to keep happy and healthy. From their teeth to their digestive system Hay is an absolute must for our small little friends. Obviously water goes without saying and we've included a Colour Tone Water Bottle to help you provide a constant supply of fresh water. Along with a classic Hay Rack and a heavy Mason and Cash Ceramic food Bowl we included a Wicker Nature Ball and Bell one of many toys we hope you add to help keep your pets interested and on the move. We have also added a large bag of Wood Shavings perfect for providing a soft surface for bedding and to absorb liquid. Then we round of the Starter Kit on a practical note, 900ml of Cascade Disinfectant in a handy spray bottle. This unlike household cleaners doesn't contain harsh chemicals that can harm sensitive pets and is great for wiping down surfaces, water bottles and feeding bowls. The Home and Roost Starter Kit provides everything you need to start you of on responsible ownership as well as saving you money if you were to buy these items separately!



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