Rabbit Grooming

Grooming and cleaning your rabbit is all part of being a resonsible rabbit owner, it also builds trust between yourself and the rabbit while keeping him or her clean and free of fleas.

Rabbit grooming products can be found here including nail clippers, flea combs, grooming brushes and anti-odour sprays, all specially designed for use with rabbits. You can also save money with our all in one kits which include several rabbit grooming tools in a single handy purchase.

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Superpet Bunny Coat Care ..


The ever popular Superpet Bunny Coat Care Kit created by Monster Pet Supplies. With useful specs on offer. View full pic..

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Kerbl Soft Slicker Brush ..


We really like this Kerbl Soft Slicker Brush For Rabbit 16 X 6 Cm created by Albert Kerbl GmbH. Comes with useful specs ..

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Rosewood Rubber Gentle Ma..


Presenting the Rosewood Rubber Gentle Massage Small Animal Hamster Rabbit Grooming Brush 19327 made by ROSEWOOD. With us..

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Mammoth Xt Nail Clipper T..


Always popular, the Mammoth Xt Nail Clipper Trimmer Scissors For Pet Grooming - Dogs Cats Birds Rabbits from Mammoth XT...

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Beaphar Grooming Spray Ra..


Presenting the Beaphar Grooming Spray Rabbit Guinea Pig Ferret 150ml available from Beaphar. Including useful features ...

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Lawrence Rabbit Grooming ..


The brilliant Lawrence Rabbit Grooming Brush by James Marketing. Including handy specs . Read full images or features on..

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Ferplast Small Animal Gro..


The great Ferplast Small Animal Grooming Kit by FERCO. With great features on offer. Browse extra images or details on ..

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Sevenmye Professional Dog..


Available now - Sevenmye Professional Dog Nail Clipper Pet Nail Trimmer Claw Cutter Dog Rabbit Bird Animal Nail Scissor ..

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Pet Claw Clippers - Small..


You can now get the Pet Claw Clippers - Small Animals - Cats - Ferret- Rabbit- Guinea Pig by LEEWAY WOODWORK. Comes with..

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Stainless Steel Dog Cat R..


View the Stainless Steel Dog Cat Rabbit Pet Puppy Nail Claws Clippers Trimmers Scissors Snippers Cuttersblack created by..

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3 In 1 Bunny Brush Rabbit..


View the 3 In 1 Bunny Brush Rabbit Grooming available from .. Including great features . Browse more detailed images or ..

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Kerbl Two-sided Brush For..

£7.47 £4.79

The brilliant Kerbl Two-sided Brush For Rabbit 205 Cm from Albert Kerbl GmbH. Comes with useful specs . Browse extra ima..

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Boredom Breaker Options D..


We really like this Boredom Breaker Options Deluxe Claw Trimmers created by Boredom Breakers. Including brilliant featur..

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Grooming Combs Brushes Br..


Check out the Grooming Combs Brushes Bristle Slicker Brush Clippers Hamster Rabbit Guinea Pig Nail Clippers by Anc-ol. W..

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Small Animal Double Sided..


The great Small Animal Double Sided Comb - Ancol (TP)(ASADSC/164202) available from Pet-Bliss. Including useful feature..

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Double Sided Brush Comfor..


The ever popular Double Sided Brush Comfort Line Rabbits - Nobby made by NABBY. With handy specs available. Browse full ..

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Double Sided Comfort Line..


The ever-popular Double Sided Comfort Line Comb For Rabbits - Nobby created by NOBBY. Including brilliant features avail..

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Slicker Brush Comfort Lin..


Check out the Slicker Brush Comfort Line Rabbits Guinea Pigs - Nobby made by NOBBY. Including great specs on offer. View..

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Fastengle Pet Nail Clippe..


Available now - Fastengle Pet Nail Clippers And Trimmer With Secure Grip Ideal For Small Pets Like Dogs Cats Rabbits Igu..

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Verm-x Nuggets For Rabbit..


You can now get the Verm-x Nuggets For Rabbits 180g made by Paddocks Farm Partnership Ltd. Comes with brilliant features..

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