Friends of the rabbit hutch shop

There's a range of great rabbit related resources out there on the web, in addition to rehoming websites, rescue centres and breeders. We have put together a little compilation on some of the sites we like, if you would like to be included please feel free to get in touch via our contact page. - a very comprehensive site from the House Rabbits Society. It provides information on caring for your rabbit, along with other useful tips, particularly in the 'behaviour' section where you can why your rabbit might be acting a certain way. The House Rabbits Society is an internal nonprofit organisation who aims to provide more information on rabbit care to the general public, in addition to pushing a program which aids in the rescue of rabbits from animal shelters. - the name says it all. London Lops runs a rabbit breeding home with five different breeds - Dutch, Dwarf, German, Lionhead and Mini Lop, all of them utterly adorable! The site is kept well up to date with a voting system for the cutest rabbit. Why not have a look and vote for which one you think is the cutest? - if you're looking for a relaxing bunny boarding service in Doncaster, then why not have a look at The Bunny Retreat. They've been caring for rabbit for over 10yrs, offering a perfect retreat for your bunny, big or small.