Parsley Den Rabbit Hutch Insulated Cover Cage 1217369 from Scratch and Newton

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Introducing: Parsley Den Rabbit Hutch Insulated Cover Cage 1217369 from Scratch and Newton

Made by Scratch and Newton, a popular manufacturer, this product is now amazing value for money. The Parsley Den Rabbit Hutch Insulated Cover Cage 1217369 is now offered for shoppers to buy from the rabbit hutch shop at this great price.

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Manufacturer Description

Keeps you Hutch Warm in Winter Prevents Fly Strike and Heat Stroke in Summer Size: 121cm long X 73cm Deep x 69cm Tall Excluding Legs Colour as pictureUse with Hutch Hugger Keeps Hutch, Food Bedding and pets Dry and out of Draughts The Hutch Snuggle Insulated Cover should be used with a Hutch Hugger to Give your pet the Very Best Home. The hutch Snuggle with Fly Screen Regulates Hutch temperature all year round and Prevents fly strike.This hutch cover is an ingeniously designed product that will give extra comfort to your rabbit or guinea pig! NASA developed the material from which the Hutch Snuggle is manufactured. Hutch Snuggle helps to regulate the temperature of the hutch. Keeping Pets Cosy in the winter and preventing Heat stroke in the Summer. It also incorporates a fly screen helping to keep away those pesky flies and reducing the risk of flystrike. The Hutch Snuggle will fit snugly on both sloping and flat roof hutches. The Hutch Snuggle can be used in conjunction with the Hutch Hugger in cold weather to create a micro-climate ensuring extra warmth for your pet. To ensure a snug fit, the manufacturer recommends your hutch can be up to 5cm smaller. Height is from the top of the hutch to where the bottom of the hutch meets the legs. You should never place your hutch in direct sunlight as hutches can heat up very quickly. Ideal position is where the hutch can get sunlight either in the morning or in the evening.



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