Outdoor Tortoise Run With Protective Net - Mesh Width 1 1 Cm

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Introducing: Outdoor Tortoise Run With Protective Net - Mesh Width 1 1 Cm

With features such as net with one part non-transparent as a sunscreen and protective net for protection against birds of prey and cats, the Tortoise Run is made to a high specification by Personalised-Pet-Products.co.uk. The Outdoor Tortoise Run With Protective Net - Mesh Width 1 1 Cm is now offered for shoppers to order from the rabbit hutch shop at our great price.

Buy the Tortoise Run from Personalised-Pet-Products.co.uk in minutes and get fast, reliable shipping direct to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Every tortoise needs sunlight, on a warn day tortoises love being outside, it is so good for them, they can get the much needed sunlight, exercise and get to eat grass and dandelions (check your breed).


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