Neudorff Gelbsticker A10 318


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Introducing: Neudorff Gelbsticker A10 318

With features such as Vogelkletterseil Kletterspirale Meisenknödelhalter Vogelkäfig Pickstein Lavastein Nistkasten Voliere and Katzennapf katzenkuschelhöhle Katzenhängematte Vogelnapf, Kanarienvogelkäfig Hundebar Kratzbrett, the 33433 is manufactured by Beiselen. The Neudorff Gelbsticker A10 318 is made available for shoppers to buy online at this fantastic price.

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Manufacturer Description

Neudorff yellow stickers pack of 10 yellow Neudorff stickers - The Yellow Card for flying schädlinge. For Controlling flying pests such as white flies, offering winged, leaf miners and fungus gnats made Ideal for use on indoor plants and ready with odorless, Insektizidfreiem Special Glue That Won't dry out and even during high temperatures (e.g. via of the heater (not Abtropft insecticide-free Active Ingredients
Use per Befallener of raw plant 1 yellow nail art stickers directly into the potting soil for greenhouse, conservatory, indoor plants
Packaging 10 glued stickers Height of stickers approx. 13 cm with wire for attaching


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