Neudorff Azet Start Fertilizer 5kg by NEUDORFF

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Introducing: Neudorff Azet Start Fertilizer 5kg from NEUDORFF

Available now from NEUDORFF, a well-known manufacturer, this item is great value for money. The Neudorff Azet Start Fertilizer 5kg is now available for our visitors to purchase at the Rabbit Hutch shop at this low price.

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Manufacturer Description

5. 【Applications】: 50 g per m² for sowing and 50 g per m² for turf organic NPK fertilizer 7-9-3 with sulphur with special nutrient ratio for turf and lawn; Starting materials: Feather meal, bone meal, fermentation residues, vinasse from molasses processing, microorganisms (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, B. licheniformis, B. megaterium, B.pumilus, Glomus intraradices); with soil-reviving microorganisms, MyccoVital and nutrients for a particularly strong root and thus healthy plant growth; creates good starting conditions for a dense and lush lawn that can displace moss and weeds; granulated, therefore good to apply with fertilizer spreader; time-saving, the application is possible together with the seed; organic, so there is no risk of burns; from natural resources


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