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Introducing: Large Indoor Rabbit Guinea Pig Cage Bunny Xl Cages

With LARGE TWO DOOR OPENING and SIZE 100cm long x 45 cm high x 56cm, the A1 is available now from DAHAK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. The Large Indoor Rabbit Guinea Pig Cage Bunny Xl Cages is ready for everyone to buy at at this low price.

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Manufacturer Description

This really is a no-mess cage, the base is so deep that and sawdust or droppings stay in the cage and not on your carpet that make cleaning so much simpler The cage frame is made from 3mm metal wire To get inside the cage it could not be simpler, there is a trap on the top of the cage and you can get either hands or more into the cage with ease, there is also a large front opening door, for example if you want to fill the food pot or make preparations for cleaning the cage At first glance you may think this is just a ordinary cage, but this is a extraordinary Bunny XL 100cm pet house its a large rodent house and certainly one the largest one that we sell, the bar spacing is 21mm this means you can keep adult rats, rabbits and ginuea pigs in this cage - there is so much room its a whopping 100cm long x 45 cm high x 56cm wide that's BIG! Features #Wire Top #Easy Clean Base #Removable Roof #Opening Roof Trap #Front Opening Door #Solid Construction #Smart Base #Bar Spacing 21mm #Size 100cm long x 45 cm high x 56cm The colours of the frame and the base will sometimes change - but whatever the combination it will match and look very attractive


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