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Introducing: Indoor Rabbit Cage Large Bunny 100cm Xl Hutch Pen

With #Bar Spacing 21mm and #size #H45cm x D56cm x L100cm, the BUN100 is manufactured by DAHAK INTERNATIONAL LTD. Indoor Rabbit Cage Large Bunny 100cm Xl Hutch Pen is made available for our visitors to order at the Rabbit Hutch shop at our competitive price.

Order the BUN100 from DAHAK INTERNATIONAL LTD right now to receive prompt, reliable delivery direct to your home.

Manufacturer Description

If you are lucky enough to have a medium sized animal like rabbits, ferrets, adult rats or guinea pigs you really don't want one of those old fashioned unexciting cages they belong in a laboratory or the garden shed What you do want, is one of these huge Bunny indoor pet cages; your little critters will be in orbit in this cage, its got a easy to clean base, good and deep too The cage colour will vary, but what ever colour we send it will be matching and very attractive This really is a no-mess cage, the base is so deep that and sawdust or droppings stay in the cage and not on your carpet that make cleaning so much simpler All the cage frame is made from 3mm metal wire To get inside the cage it could not be simpler, there are large front and top opening doors gaining access , for example if you want to fill the food pots or make preparations for cleaning the cage At first glance you may think this is just a ordinary cage, but this is a extraordinary cage, the Bunny indoor pet cage its an extra large delux animal house and certainly the largest one that we sell, the bar spacing is 21mm this means you can keep adult rats, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs in this cage - there is so much room its a whopping H45cm x D56cm x L100cm that's really BIG! These huge cages also make a perfect place to keep your young kittens, great for when they are with mum and weaning, and very curious, the cage will keep them out of danger whilst you are out and keep all their activities in one place and not allowing them to get up to mischief Features #3mm Wire #Easy Clean Base #Front Opening Door #Solid Construction #Smart Base #Bar Spacing 21mm #H45cm x D56cm x L100cm


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