Guinea Pig Cottage Rabbit Hutch Cover Cage 1534543 by Scratch and Newton

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Introducing: Guinea Pig Cottage Rabbit Hutch Cover Cage 1534543 from Scratch and Newton

Created by Scratch and Newton, the well-known brand, this product is currently excellent value for money. The Guinea Pig Cottage Rabbit Hutch Cover Cage 1534543 is available for our customers to purchase at the Rabbit Hutch shop at our excellent price.

Get this product from Scratch and Newton right away and get fast, efficient delivery directly to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

Wind and Rain Proof Makes hutches last longer Size: 153cm long X 45cm Deep x 43cm Tall Excluding Legs Colour as picture Use with Hutch Snuggle for the Ultimat Rabbit hutch cover The Hutch Hugger from Scratch and Newton has become the essential accessory for any Rabbit Hutch. Their covers are Easy to Fit and dramatically improve both you pets comfort and the lifespan of your hutch.This Rabbit hutch cover is extremely easy to fit, simply place it over the hutch, tighten the straps and that's it! You may never need to remove the Hutch Hugger, not even for cleaning out the hutch, as the front window rolls up and is secured safely under the pelmet. The Hutch Hugger will fit snugly on both sloping and flat roof hutches and is windproof and waterproof ensuring your hutch can be left out in all weathers. The Hutch Hugger can also save you money by prolonging the life of the hutch and helping to keep food fresh and bedding dry. To ensure a snug fit, the manufacturer recommends your hutch can be up to 5cm smaller than the above dimension. Height is from the top of the hutch to where the bottom of the hutch meets the legs. You should never place your hutch in direct sunlight as hutches can heat up very quickly. Ideal position is where the hutch can get sunlight either in the morning or in the evening.The Hutch Hugger Can be used with Scratch and Newtons Revolutionary Hutch Snuggle that incorporates NASA technology to provide the ultimate in comfort for you pets



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