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Introducing: Greenfield Turf-fit 3kg

With features such as Vogelkletterseil Kletterspirale Meisenknödelhalter Vogelkäfig Pickstein Lavastein Nistkasten Voliere and Katzennapf katzenkuschelhöhle Katzenhängematte Vogelnapf, Kanarienvogelkäfig Hundebar Kratzbrett, the 63361 is made by Rasen Greenfield. Greenfield Turf-fit 3kg is available for customers to order online at this great price.

Get the 63361 from Rasen Greenfield in minutes to receive quick, efficient delivery direct to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Greenfield 63361 roll race-Fit 6.6lbs for ca.. 50m²

- Refurbished Rolling Lawns - Reseeding + Fertilizer + Lawn activator - designed for home gardens - Greenfield ProTec Rasensystem - Coat seeds ® Nutri with fertilizer
- Complete solution for rolling lawns - Scope of application: Rollrasenasenflächen for unsightly - load capacity: high - property: quick help for the problem areas of Rolling lawn - advantage: Rejuvenate & Maintain in one
- Composition - 40% coco pellets - 30% Fertilizer - 3% marine algae - 10% Lolium perenne - 7% Lolium westerwoldicum Nusprint - 4% Lolium perenne CSI New Orleans - 3% Festuca rubra rubra - 3% Festuca rubra commutata
- Packing unit: 6.6lbs Greenfield roll race-Fit
- roll grass-fit is a new mix, the specially designed to meet needs of Rolling grass areas adjusted. freshly installed looks great and excited through its uniform appearance. However with time changed lawn There will be more vulnerabilities on: surface lückig or yellow, columns whose between not correctly visible, properly established turf pieces Die off. fixes These problems in shortest possible let their as


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