Dxh013 Wooden Hen House Chicken Coop Nesting Box Run from KD & Jay

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Introducing: Dxh013 Wooden Hen House Chicken Coop Nesting Box Run by KD & Jay

Available now from KD & Jay, the reliable manufacturer, this product is good value for money. Dxh013 Wooden Hen House Chicken Coop Nesting Box Run is offered for shoppers to purchase at the Rabbit Hutch shop at our excellent price.

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Manufacturer Description

Wooden Hen House Chicken Coop This Hen House has been manufactured using the highest standards with strong and robust materials. The wood panelling is tongue and groove shaped boards which are both attractive and strong. This results in a practical and attractive chicken coop. The metal floor tray is easy to clean, and can be slid out from the front of the hen house. Simply slide out the tray, clean, and slide back in. The metal results in a easy clean hygienic base for your hens. The nesting part of the hen house has a door with ramp for your chickens to easily go in and out. The nesting box at the side has a lift up lid. The doors and nesting box are all lockable to help prevent escape attempts and foxes running away with your prized pets. Inside the coop there are two perches, rounded at the edges to allow for more comfortable roosting. The nesting box is partitioned into two sections, allowing for multiple birds to nest at the same time. The ramp from the house runs straight into a run for your chickens to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight (sunlight optional in 99.9% of Britain), and the door to the house and nesting box can be opened and closed with a metal pole without opening the main door, meaning you can stop your chickens from running between your legs to freedom... This chicken coop can house 4-6 birds depending on their size and breed. This item comes flatpacked in two separate boxes, however they are easy to assemble and have very simple instructions.


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