Al-ko-te Teichsticks Bunt 4mm 625 G Eimer from Allco Fisch

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Introducing: Al-ko-te Teichsticks Bunt 4mm 625 G Eimer from Allco Fisch

Available now from Allco Fisch, the well-known brand, this item is currently amazing value for money. Al-ko-te Teichsticks Bunt 4mm 625 G Eimer is on offer for our customers to purchase on-line at this competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

This coloured mix product can be used as an ideal main food for all ornamental fish. Thanks to the Leichtverdaulichen ingredients, e.g. Weizenkeime, and low specific weight is no danger of the Überfütterung. Pond Sticks Coloured included Canta Xanthin and spirulina for a better appearance.
Lining: All Through The Year, stick size (Height x Width x Depth): approx. 4 mm
Ingredients (%):
Crude Protein: 28
Rohfett: 3.00
Fibre: 3.00
Rohasche: 8.50
Phosphorus (Total) 1.00
Additives (kg):
Vitamin A (IU _ 12,000
Vitamin D3 (IU _ 1500
Vitamin E (mg) 130
Vitamin C, stable (mg) 100
As well as all the B vitamins in bedarfsgerechten


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