6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch by The Hutch Company

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Introducing: 6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch from The Hutch Company

Made to a high specification by The Hutch Company, a popular brand, this product is now amazing value for money. 6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch is ready for everyone to order at Rabbithutch.org.uk at this low price.

Get this item from The Hutch Company today and receive fast, reliable delivery directly to your home.

Manufacturer Description

The 6ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch is a hybrid of United Kingdom Craftsmanship and Animal Welfare standards. Specifically designed to 'Enterprise Architecture' specifications the 6ft Chartwell Double is a full height dwelling that ensures the top living floor is at 'human hip' level and 'infant head' height. This is coupled with the Easy-Clean Letterbox system so it is not necessary to remove your pet when refreshing bedding or completing a total clean. Rabbits are prey animals and their environment is sacred to their health and well being. The Chartwell design ensures they are never approached from above as this causes huge spikes in Cortisol stimulating a rabbit's desire to flee which within a closed environment will create stress and result in negative behaviour such as excessive chewing and thumping. Floors are constructed of ethically sourced WPB 10mm engineered cross-grain plywood. This construction grade material is sourced primarily as a plasterboard backing for disability 'grab rails' due to its high scoring in EXOVA strength tests. This high-grade material also offers triple fold U-value properties (Heat Loss Measurement) when compared to other conventional rabbit hutch floors such as Fir, Zinc Metal and Plastic.



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