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Introducing: 48 Universal Double Decker Rabbit Guinea Hutch Matching Cover

Featuring Adjustable waterproof leg protectors for uneven ground / stops legs rotting and Hinged opening roof for easy capture / cleaning, the BB-48-DH-11+CVR is made by Bunny Business. 48 Universal Double Decker Rabbit Guinea Hutch Matching Cover is offered for RabbitHutch.org.uk customers to order at Rabbithutch.org.uk at this excellent price.

Select the BB-48-DH-11+CVR from Bunny Business in minutes to receive prompt, dependable delivery directly to your door.

Manufacturer Description

This Double Decker Hutch is fully universal and comes with 3 floors and a ramp. It can be used as a Double Hutch for keeping pets seperate, with 2 equal hutches tiered or by changing the floor and adding the ramp as a double decker hutch for pets kept together and can be changed at any time to either format. hHUTCH SIZE: 48" Width X 20" Depth X 41" Height External Approx



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Featuring Can be used as a Double Decker with ramp for pets kept together, or by changing the upper floor as a Double Hutch for pets kept seperate. and HINGED OPENING ROOF / HVY DU...

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